Ionut Dragomir
Tennis Coach



 "When you do something best in life, you don't really want to give that and for me it's tennis." 

​Roger Federer.

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Let me help you improve your strokes today!

  1. Powerful Backhand
    How can I hit a more powerful backhand without sending the ball out? Brush the strings up the back of the ball to impart some topspin and you can now start letting it rip!
  2. Killing Serve
    Serving is one of the hardest shots in tennis, but if mastered well, it will become the trump card of your career and will also be a deciding factor of the match...and don't forget: "TOSS IS THE BOSS"
  3. Consistent Volley
    Hit your volley like the pros. Learn the key points to a powerful consistent volley. Improving the consistency of your tennis strokes requires mental consistency and many hours of practice :)
Tennis lessons to serve your busy schedule!
Your schedule is busy, so my lesson schedule is flexible. Take your lessons when it's convenient for you! I offer affordable group classes in Aldershot or can come to a location that's near you for a customized, individual lesson.

There are many benefits from tennis: it builds strength, flexibility, and eye-hand coordination. Players also develop self discipline and learn good sportsmanship. In short, tennis helps build strong bodies and strong minds, making it the ideal sport to learn at an early age.

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced player looking to improve, I offer a variety of programs customized to fit your specific needs. All of my classes and lessons are designed to make reaching your tennis goals!

So swing into action now - call me now! Not sure what class is right for your child? give me a call - in a few minutes I can give you guidance and together we can determine the best fit.

See you on the court!